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2019 Video Banking Guide

Thinking about starting a video banking project? Utilize our exclusive guide from the inventors of video banking to get started.

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How To Centralize Staff Through Video-Enabled Branches

More efficient branches on your roadmap? Increase your service opportunities while decreasing your overall footprint.

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3 Trends That Will Drive Your 2020 Budget

Three financial trends in 2020 will impact your organization. Video banking can help your organization stay ahead of the curve.

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"Yep sitting at the pub talking with my buddy about a new truck, hopped onto your app, case closed you have a new customer you guys rock."

PFCU Mobile Video Banking Member

Pioneer FCU Case Study

Video banking, that stands apart from the rest

More U.S. mobile deployments than any other provider

Patented video banking deployed across the U.S. with 51% of video calls relating to new account and loan opportunities. Key features:

  • Account funding
  • Built-in E-signature
  • Document exchange
  • SDK’s
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Video enabled branches, that centralizes your workforce

Personalized experiences that provide all of the same features as if the representative were physically at the office with the consumer. Key features:

  • Signature pad integration
  • Scanner integration
  • Office setup
  • Document workflows
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Benefits of video banking

  • Serving the elderly
  • Reach new markets
  • Fraud prevention
  • Centralized staffing
  • Read more of the benefits!
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Grandparents Video Banking from home

Give your consumers the freedom, they deserve.

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